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How do I participate in a trial?

If you are interested in participating in a trial for a gastroenterological condition, please contact us to find out what studies are currently accepting new patients.  Each study has requirements for inclusion and exclusion from the study.  This is to protect participants and ensure the findings of the study are valid.  Depending on the study, there are usually several office visits involved.  However, we do have some studies that only involve one visit or an online survey.

I am not a patient of any of the doctors at Gastromed.  May I still participate in a trial?

Yes!  As long as you meet the criteria the study is looking for, it is not necessary for you to be a patient of one of our doctors.  The doctor enrolling you in the study and the research team will help you keep your doctor informed about the treatments you are receiving.

I frequently travel out of the country.  Can I still participate in a research study?

Being located in South Florida, we are accustomed to having patients travel out of the country frequently.  With advanced notice and planning, we can usually work around a patient’s travel schedule while maintaining the integrity of the study.